CBD is one of the main cannabinoids found inside the cannabis plant and it is known to have many medical uses. From treating chronic pain to providing a relaxing experience for cancer patients, CBD is famous for all the right reasons. But does CBD has any effect on Insomnia? The short answer is ‘Yes’. CBD could significantly improve sleep quality and people suffering from Insomnia could benefit a lot from CBD. For the long answer, you’ll have to bear with us as we explain the whole process of how CBD works for Insomnia.

What Causes Insomnia?

Before we discuss the use of CBD for insomnia, we have to understand the reasons that cause sleep disorder. According to medical researchers, the following are the most common causes of sleep disorder.

  • Anxiety – There are many ways to explain Anxiety but we’ll keep things quite simple for you. Anxiety is a feeling of negativity inside the body that forces the mind to think of negative aspects of life. Anxiety can be caused by many things but there’s a direct link between stress and anxiety. Overload of work or studies could trigger anxiety in the body which could lead to insomnia.
  • Caffeine – Drinking too much coffee could also cause sleep disorders. Consuming too much caffeine could interrupt the sleep cycle which could cause many conditions including insomnia.
  • Depression – Anxiety, and depression, are very familiar in a way and both of them could cause a nervous breakdown which could lead to insomnia. Depression is one of the common causes behind insomnia these days and many people around the world have to go through it every day.
  • Migraine – A type of severe headache which could be unbearable at times. Migraines could also cause sleep disorders among many other conditions like depression and anxiety.

How CBD works for Insomnia

Every human contains the endocannabinoid system in our body that controls various neurological functions of the body. The Endocannabinoid system contains receptors that allow the body to consume cannabinoids. When someone consumes CBD, these receptors absorb the effect and boost the neurological and immune system of the body which could significantly improve the sleep quality.

In layman’s term, CBD doesn’t have any mind-altering substance but it could have a significant effect on the quality of sleep and in the case of Insomnia, CBD could help.

Recent research by Scott Shanon on CBD and sleep disorder revealed that the majority of the patients (part of the research) suffering from sleep disorders were able to experience much better sleep quality after using CBD. The research also included that CBD could also play a vital role in anxiety and depression which is one of the main causes behind insomnia, as discussed above.

Other major conditions such as severe pain or migraines, which could also cause sleep disorder, could also be treated with Cannabidiol or CBD. All of these claims are backed by medical researchers from the last decade, CBD is not hype, its proven to be very effective so much so Big Pharma is now using it.

However, there is very little research on the topic but the majority of medical researches seem to believe that CBD could help with sleep disorder and people who often suffer from Insomnia could get many medical benefits from CBD.

Which CBD Product is the best for Insomnia?

CBD comes in many shapes and sizes but the following are some of the best CBD-infused products that could instantly improve symptoms of Insomnia.

CBD Oil & Tinctures

CBD Oil is the purest form of CBD and it can have many medical benefits for the body. CBD Oil is extracted from the Cannabis plant but it does not contain any amount of THC. Tinctures are also quite similar to CBD oil but these cannabis extracts are mixed with a concentration of Alchohol. It can be a bit hard to find the purest CBD-infused products so make sure to ask around before getting your hands on these CBD products.

CBD Edibles

CBD-infused gummies are of the most famous CBD products on the market. CBD Edibles offer all the benefits of CBD and these delicious treats are the best way to consume your daily dose of CBD. A few gummies before going to the bed will make you sleep like a baby. CBD-infused chocolates and lollipops are also readily available in the market if you’re not a gummies person.

CBD Drinks

CBD-infused beverages could also help you with your sleep disorder among many other things. Tea and Coffee with a mixture of CBD could boost the immune system and help with poor sleep quality.

If you’re suffering from Insomnia then we really recommend trying CBD products because these tiny treats could play a vital role in stabilizing your mental health.

That’s all folks!