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Originally, all humans had brown eyes, although genetic variation relating to a gene called OCA2 resulted in changes to the amount of pigment produced by different individuals, resulting in the emergence of different shades of brown. Armed with this information, scientists had for many years searched for the source of blue eyes on the OCA2 gene, but without success. More recently, a mutation to a separate, nearby gene called HERC2 has been identified as the cause of blue eyes. This alteration switches off OCA2 , the gene that determines the amount of the brown pigment melanin that we make.
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Science and Reason: Why blue-eyed men prefer blue-eyed women - but not vice versa

Harm to minors, violence or threats, harassment or privacy invasion, impersonation or misrepresentation, fraud or phishing, show more. Yahoo Canada Answers. A Blue-eyed man dating a brown-eyed woman -- should I blue eyed dating up with her to preserve the blue eyes trait? I have been dating a brown-eyed woman for almost 3 year now, but I only recently starting having these thoughts. I had wanted to propose to her this summer, but I just couldn't bring myself to doing it. The problem was that we would very likely have children, and her dark browns would dominate my baby blues The problem was that we would very likely have children, and her dark browns would dominate my baby blues that we would have passed on to any future child.
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All Blue-Eyed People Have This One Thing In Common

Why blue-eyed men prefer blue-eyed women - but not vice versa Most people learn in high school if they're paying attention that human eye color is a genetic trait which follows fairly simple rules. The primary gene that controls eye color exists in several forms, called alleles. The protein produced by one of the alleles causes the eyes to be brown, while a variant allele producing a slightly different protein does not. Since the human genome contains two copies of each gene, if even one of these copies is the allele for brown eyes, brown will be the resulting color, regardless of the other allele.
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